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Two teams try to score goals by sending a gymnastics. beaches or in pools. but the Stand up paddle surfing a surf style boardboard is smaller and the person normally lies down with a paddle. PSC Fig. daysailing. MAPUA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Bodyboarding is similar to surfing. Kayaking but the board is not attached to the feet Kite surfing on flat water using a kite for Wakesurfing is a mix betweenpropulsion wakeboarding and surfing Kiteboating Water skiing is using skis to slide over the Parasailing where a person is towed behind water while being pulled by a boat or other devicea vehicle usually a boat while attached to a Windsurfing on flat water using wind forparachute propulsion in combination with sails Rafting Yachting sailing on yachts. used in flatwater or waveson the board Surfing downhill on ocean waves or artificial Canoeing waves in an artificial wave pool Fishing is the recreation and sport of White Water Raftingcatching fish Wakeboarding is similar to water skiing. but Flowboarding using only one board attached to the feet Jet Ski Wake skating is similar to wakeboarding. Rowing cruising or Yacht racing Sailing using the wind for propulsion Sit down hydrofoiling is riding on the waterwith a hydrofoil attached to a ski Summary of Number of Athletes. 3 Skimboarding is a boardsport in which aboard is used to ride on an incoming wave School of Architecture.

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tornado foosball table models

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